Suzanne from 2nd grade had a habit of stretching her gum.
But that’s not the only thing she stretched.
Little suzzie also stretched her sentences so much so that they were as long as her hip-touching braided mane.
I’ll be honest – her exhaustingly monotonous chatter had me fading out like a bulb on low voltage.
Fast forward to 2019 and the internet talks to me more than my friends do. Unfortunately, a huge chunk of it reminds me of Suzanne. 
Alafiya Memon Freelance Writer About Image

I’m sure you don’t want your business’s content to be akin to her speech in any way.

And this is exactly where I jump into the picture.


I’m Alafiya, a unicorn-riding writer with a passion to un-suzzie your content.

I write value-packed, data-backed original marketing blog posts that converse with your audience.

But I’m sure you don’t just want that.
You’re smart like that and you know content delivery counts just as much as great communication skills in person.
This is why I keep readability and creativity high on the priority list. Hand me over some keyphrases and we’ll sprinkle those nicely to appeal to search engines too.
Wrapping up the taco, here’s what you get:
– original
– research- / number-supported
– readable
– optimized
– engaging content that gets the right kind of attention.
That’s not all. Apart from blogs and articles, I often travel into the domain of profile copywriting. And I don’t suck at it. In fact, one of clients says I’m a pretty good resource.
Occasionally, I illustrate digital graphics too (blog headers and social media content) solely to serve my passion and make some use of my graphic designing certification. FYI, my mentor called my work “excellent” and me “a quick learner with a punch of creativity.”
“From brainstorming to research to ideation and finally putting her thoughts on a blank piece of paper, Alafiya has mastered the art of copywriting.
In just a year’s time, she has become my trusted, go-to copywriter whom I can trust with any and all copywriting projects.
Best thing about her is she delivers the work on time!”
– Co-founder, Creative Nigari

Don't be shy, say hi to good content.

Serve your audience better with creative and valuable content that counts. I’m not saying work with me but I’m saying work with me.

Yep, with that italic elegance.