Are you a marketer in need of assistance in the words department?


I can help! I write quality content that is two parts creative and two parts informative. Also, don’t tell anyone, but I add a spoon full of awesome in every piece I craft.


Alafiya who?

Hi there, I’m Alafiya

Freelance content writer who talks in stats and stories.

I write value-packed, research-backed content that speaks to your audience. 

Keeping readability on the list as well as sprinkling keywords given by you, I make sure the end-product is actionable.


Alafiya was hired for a freelance content writing project by our company and due to her excellent communication skills, timely work delivery, and extremely creative writing, the relationship soon translated into a full-time job.
She has used her creative writing skills to produce excellent and effective product descriptions for online retail and wholesale portals for Silk Avenue Ltd. while leading the social media team side by side.
Alafiya has a great flare for creative tasks, she researches well, performs all tasks heartily with extreme carefulness, and reports well ahead of time.


Shahzeb Younis
Director, Internet Business Solutions

Want to high-five? Or you know, work with me?

Send me a message so that we can get things rolling asap.